The eCommerce platform market isn’t a tiny one, there are literally hundreds of options available. Choosing the eCommerce platform is one of the most important decisions you can make.

Before deciding which platform to use you should ask the following questions?

  1. Stock Size: Always consider your size of stock, Is you product count going to increase ?
  2. Digital or Physical: What is it that you’re selling? Digital or physical goods? It makes all the difference when thinking about shipping costs.
  3. Payment Method: Not all eCommerce platforms favour 3rd party payment processors like Mygate or Payfast.
  4. Self-Hosted or Hosted:  If you feel you’re confident in modifying the look of your online store (on regular basis), look for platforms that will enable you to have a self-hosted version of the store. Either way, most eCommerce platforms provide the ability to modify your store within a live environment via CMS


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