To assist you with your eCommerce strategy we partner with a leading eCommerce consultancy in South Africa who combine years of retail strategy and online experience. They deliver powerful multi-channel solutions, created from the heart & mind of experienced retailers. They have both the strategic and hands-on operational experience to assist their clients across the spectrum of creating & implementing their omni-channel strategy.

Services include

  • Retail thought leadership in ecommerce solutions.
  • Programme management of entire ecommerce solution, end-to-end across multi platforms.
  • Technical integration of ecommerce platform into legacy retailing systems.
  • Broader retailing support in online shopping.

What can you gain from a successful ecommerce strategy? A successful ecommerce business delivers real economic value, including:

  1. Attracting New Customers:By planning and implementing a seo friendly framework from the start, your ecommerce site gains relevant and targeted traffic.
  2. Increased Sales:By streamlining the sales process and improving the shopping experience we increase the conversion rate.
  3. Customer Loyalty and Retention:An enhanced visual and pleasing ecommerce experience generates greater client satisfaction and trust which translates into returning customers.
  4. Providing Superior Customer Service and Communications:Help your customers to engage and communicate with you and ultimately identify themselves with your business through social platforms, online support, and by providing them with and descriptive product information.
  5. Promoting Your Brand and Enhancing Your Brand Image:We ensure you display a consistent corporate identity online with a professional style guide. Moreover, our Creative Digital Strategies help promote your products to the right audience, resulting in enhanced Brand Recognition.
  6. Preparing for Future Needs:With a proper plan and scalable architecture, your ecommerce site can accommodate additional requirements, features and functionality in the future.